Give Us a Hand, Will You?

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Life Cycle, watercolor and ink/Japanese paper. 4"x6" Prayer, watercolor and ink/Japanese paper. 4"x6" The mosaic floor of the cathedral in Otranto, Italy is absolutely amazing. The three aisles each have a tree of life running the length of the church, with an intricate array of Christian and pantheistic imagery intermingled and climbing [...]

Animal Love

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Brothers and Babies, Lecce, Italy I've always found it a bit awkward to ask people if I can take their photograph, but I discovered a little bit of magic that speaks to me, and to people, when I was in Italy. If someone had a pet, I asked them if I could take [...]

All Hands on Deck

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 When I was in Italy, I was drawn most to the pre-Renaissance mosaics and frescoes, and the way that hand gestures say so much. This is also true, of course, in other cultures, bringing to mind Buddhist mudras (teaching gestures associated with Buddhism) in particular. So I have embarked on a series of hand paintings, based on [...]

My Blog’s been sleeping

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My blog's been sleeping but I have not! First of all, in case I haven't wished you one yet, happy late New Year of the Sheep (or Goat, depending on whether you are in Japan or China - I can't remember which is which.) Dahlia, Queen of Sheepba, disguised February 2015   To see work from [...]

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Sponsoring a girl at Ombogo

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Hello folks, This is for those of you in Bellingham who have expressed an interest in learning more about Ombogo Academy, and how to support a girl through high school there. If this does not describe you, then please disregard, but thanks for being a part of my blog! Let's get together at my house [...]

Back in touch

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Hi there, I am emailing you all, because some of you, who were so wonderful as to follow my blog last month, expressed an interest in learning more about sponsoring a girl at Ombogo Academy for Girls, in Kenya. That is the school I described in the blog last month (ombogo-girls-academy/) and where Richard and [...]

Home away from home

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I'm reposting this here, because it looks like the photos didn't come through the first time.... I feel like I have arrived home, at Betty's sister's apartment in Kisumu. Everybody comes to meet us: Nancy, Natasha, Rita, Rollin, Evelyn, Nicolette, and Night. Others will come on Sunday, when we get back from Homa Bay. They [...]

Asante, ninawapenda

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Sponsoring Betty for the past years has been an act of faith; one can only imagine who the individual is that you are supporting on the other end. But now it is an act of love. It is amazing how much you can learn in a month's time, and how you can come to see [...]

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