My Blog’s been sleeping

My blog’s been sleeping but I have not! First of all, in case I haven’t wished you one yet, happy late New Year of the Sheep (or Goat, depending on whether you are in Japan or China – I can’t remember which is which.)

new year 2015 card copy

Dahlia, Queen of Sheepba, disguised February 2015


To see work from the past year or so, have a look at the website under Paintings 2010-2015, and Series/Intertidal . There are selections, respectively, of large oils on linen, and smaller pieces based on an intertidal theme I began exploring this year. Here’s a sample from the intertidal series:


Wrack & Coral, 2015. Hand colored etching/paper, 4″ x 6″


The highlight of exploring this theme has been two-fold: Last April I had the pleasure of sharing the Smith and Vallee Gallery space (Edison, WA) with paper-cutout artist Ann Chadwick Reid. We decided to collaborate on some small pieces for the show, and we liked what happened! So we are continuing to cook up some new ideas and ways of working together, with the thought of getting larger and maybe working towards an installation piece with a focus on (yep, you guessed it) water.


Seaweeds, 2015. Mixed media/paper, 10″ x 10″ (with Ann Chadwick Reid)


This spring also brought about other events, including an unexpected trip to Southern Italy, where I was invited as a fellow to the BAU Institute’s artist residency in Otranto Italy. But that is a story for another post. If you’d like to hear about it, you can enter your email on the left to subscribe to future posts. This will mean you will receive occasional, supremely exciting and aesthetically stimulating posts from me about art, life, and travel. No ads! No bs! Just something that I hope will make your day a little bit sweeter. Ciao, c.



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