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Do people really look like their pets?

   I met this lovely pair of Seattleites at Hardware Sales in Bellingham. She even said something about them looking alike. I didn’t see it til I caught these photos. They both seem so happy. (p.s. there is another photo if you open the post!)

Give Us a Hand, Will You?

The mosaic floor of the cathedral in Otranto, Italy is absolutely amazing. The three aisles each have a tree of life running the length of the church, with an intricate array of Christian and pantheistic imagery intermingled and climbing the trees, in a mosaic that dates back to the middle ages. It is something of a …
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A Show of Hands

All Hands on Deck

 When I was in Italy, I was drawn most to the pre-Renaissance mosaics and frescoes, and the way that hand gestures say so much. This is also true, of course, in other cultures, bringing to mind Buddhist mudras (teaching gestures associated with Buddhism) in particular. So I have embarked on a series of hand paintings, based on …
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Show time – August 11, 2011

Finally, I’m back, after a long hiatus. The bayou series is on its way down to Seattle tomorrow, to be in the August/September show at Seders Gallery. I spent the past month building little frames for the pieces, which I like, although I suspect the time might have been better spent putting paint on linen. …
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