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Parting shots and arrivals

Just a couple of parting shots of Amsterdam.: Industrious recycling does exist here, though the humans don’t seem to be the beneficiaries… And at the airport, it was clear that some people had not spoken with Tim about the proper dress for Kenyan travel… Our seat mate on the plane is a Dutch fellow working …
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Amsterdam IV

So that instead of looking at the art You can take pictures of it so that you can have good memories of your trip.

Amsterdam III

I never check Facebook (FB is good for keeping in touch, but I just don’t feel a need to know all the minutiae of my friends’ lives) but I decided to check my email notifications this morning, and there was an update from Bettie Pauline, our Kenyan daughter, and she had written: “Am getting myself …
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Amsterdam II

Glad to see that yarn bombing is alive and well in Amsterdam: And that the graffiti is high class (bike-eating dragon): I added to the trading post wall.. In exchange for: (horror vacuii meets minimalism…) P.s. sorry for all those teensy weensy pics; I just discovered the “large” button…


Have you ever booked a hotel room online, only to find that the pictures had been artfully composed to look, well, a wee tad more upscale than it looks in person? No wonder it was so much less expensive than the others you scoped out, eh? Well, the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam has none of …
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