Scenes from our last days in Nairobi: Sooooo much fun shopping at the Triangle market, bargaining hard with the vendors. We had so much fun that we overlooked the fact that we have to figure out how to carry back an extra passenger. Our wonderful hotel in Nairobi, the Fairview, with its many intimate sitting …
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Sponsoring an Ombogo girl

Hi everyone, Because I’ve received several emails, after my Ombogo Girls Academy post, asking for information on sponsoring a girl, I thought I’d post a quick one here. I don’t have the exact breakdown right now (I will be getting updated information from the current principle soon) but the cost is somewhere between $600-800 U.S., …
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Ombogo Girls Academy

After all the tales I have heard about Ombogo Girls Academy, we finally arrive at Homa Bay and the institution where Betty went to secondary school. This is where our journey started. The school is well established, with two dormitories, classrooms, a gathering hall for church and food. But everything looks very tired. Regardless, it …
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Mzungu traveler

This is Alfred. He is our driver. He is very considerate, a safe driver, and an honest man. He is recovering from a long illness. I am glad we are here to provide him with a job, however brief. Maybe it will help him get back on his feet again, so he can send his …
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One for my Tuesday night knit group

Nanyuki Spinners and Weavers Project: Established in 1976, by six determined local Kenyan women, to help other women in the region. Over the past 37 years, the project has grown to well over 100 women, who came to the center to receive training in wool crafts. Many of them have children so, after receiving training, …
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A LION! Spotted in Nanyuki, Caryn the feline whisperer tamed her So Betty could take her home

Scenic pull-out

Crossing the equator, Rift Valley, scenic pull-out, 3000+ meters altitude.

Tribal encounters

What happens when three Kenyans, all from different tribes, get together to discuss politics? You have to bring out a talking stick to prevent all hell from breaking loose. If only it were that easy…

Yes we have no lions

Samburu National Reserve At first it seemed like spending 4 days at a lodge at a game reserve would get to be too long, but the stay at Samburu was probably the height of our trip so far…. sleeping to the sound of elephants breaking tree limbs to nibble the bark, dawn and dusk game …
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Back on the road with Betty

Its a trade-off – we have Betty with us again (yay!) but probably no Internet service where we are going, to Samburu. Which would you take? We’re happy =^!^= Will update when we can, kwaheri for now!