Monthly Archives: June 2013

Step 1

We are on our way! OMG! Our friends David and Toni arrived two days ago, to take over the house, and care for the animals while we are away. We showed them how everything works, and I am happy to say they are quick learners About what to do, and of course what not to …
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From our pond to their pond

It’s time to go

The beast won't sleep tonight

THEY KNOW!!!!! Dahlia was a wild beast all afternoon yesterday, very vocal, tearing around, knocking things off shelves and even stealing back her little knitted jumpers from when she was a baby, and running off with them in her mouth. She whipped Agnes up into a fury of her very own, and kept us up …
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An act

Caryn: “Well, slowly but surely, we’re getting our act together” Richard: “What is our act?” Caryn: “An act of faith”

What! Shoes!

When preparing for a long journey, it is important to pack carefully, lightly, and intelligently. So I decided to ask my fashionista and world travel consultant Tim, who generously said, “you’ve got lots of beautiful clothes that are just fine” …..followed by, “NNooooo!! too see through!!!!!” and, “NOoooooo! too casual!!!!!!…and, “you’ve got to look smart!” …
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New toys

One can never be too prepared when taking a long journey….or can I? I’ve revoked any sense of control, and have no concept of what this is going to be like, but I was inspired by a handmade postcard I just got from my friend Alan, a simple watercolor of an eggplant, and thought it …
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  Where did you say Kenya is?

Preparation for travel slowed down by technology!!!

Not even off the ground yet, …I thought I had everything under control (ha! Control?!!) – tickets, itinerary, phone calls to Kenya, hand holding with Tim, getting all the odds and ends (mostly odds) in place. My friend Angela even emailed me and said, “your blog’s all set up and ready to go. Have fun!” …
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The cats don’t know it yet (or do they?) but we have started the countdown, ELEVEN days to stepping on that plane to Kenya, to finally meet Pauline, our “daughter,” and to discover new lands….and to kick off this blog. But first, a little history…. We began sponsoring Pauline Betty Ouko, through the Slum Doctor …
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